Note: The SHUTTLE PCP call for tenders has ended. More information about the contractors to provide solution designs can be found on page Phase 1- Solution Design.

SHUTTLE, acronym for ‘Scientific High-throughput and Unified Toolkit for Trace analysis by forensic Laboratories in Europe’, is a Horizon 2020 project financed by the European Commission (EC) aiming to develop a toolkit which will facilitate the analysis of microtraces collected in crime scenes.

The development of the SHUTTLE toolkit will be realised through a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) action, which is coordinated and jointly carried out between forensic institutes across Europe.

More precisely, the forensic institutes will organise and manage the procurement of R&D services involving risk benefit sharing under market conditions and competitive development in phases.

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Thanks to the EC funding (7.4M€ for the subcontracted activities), the SHUTTLE project will contribute to strengthening forensic collaboration across countries and institutions in Europe and possibly beyond. It will catalyse innovation by allowing public authorities to invest cost effectively in innovation by sharing costs and lessons learnt.

SHUTTLE started in May 2018 and will run for 48 months. It has a budget of 10.5M€ and a consortium of 8 partners led by the MINISTERE DE L’INTERIEUR.



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SHUTTLE Project is moving into Phase 2 - Prototype development.
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SHUTTLE team is pleased to announce the awarding of the Framework Agreements & the contracts for the Phase 1 of the SHUTTLE #PCP Tender. The awarded tenderers that will implement Phase 1 Solution Design are: 1. Camlin Photonics Ltd 2. Traces Consortium 3. AG Shuttle Toolkit Jena.

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