Phase 2 has started with all three contractors from Phase 1 submitting successful proposals for Phase 2.

Phase 2 runs from September 2020 until April 2021. During this Phase, contractors are expected to develop a first prototype based on the design documents delivered in Phase 1 and test their solutions in lab conditions. Prototypes will be tested and verified to provide a measure of the technical performance of each solution in a controlled environment and their readiness for pre-operational deployment.


Phase 2 – Prototype Development – Abstracts

Traces Consortium

The TRACES Consortium has successfully completed the design solution phase (Phase 1) of SHUTTLE-PCP by offering the unique approach of the SHUTTLE toolkit. The design consists of the following exceptional features: simultaneous loading of samples corresponding to the surface of four A4 paper size, large working distance allowing microscopic examination of any target/trace/evidence, sub-micron spatial accuracy, spectroscopy available in every pixel and in every imaging mode, live spectral imaging at video rates, easy to use GUI & software even for the most complicated measurements, high-throughput screening ensuring high speed and data collection and Machine Learning algorithms for trace classification/identification. Starting the Phase 2, the TRACES consortium is now already working at full steam towards the development of a high throughput multimodal microscope prototype accompanied by a novel trace evidence collection system and a unique database to store digitally the acquired data.

The TRACES Consortium consists of Spectricon, the coordinator of the consortium, a Greek hyperspectral imaging and microscopy technology SME, responsible for delivering the Trace-Microanalysis Microscope (TMM) [patent pending] accompanying by a sophisticated trace-lifting/handling system and Zanasi & Partners, an Italian cybersecurity technology SME responsible for the database implementation and data management/analytics system. The consortium is complemented by a forensic sciences academic team based in the UK assigned to Spectricon and an advisory board comprised of leading forensics companies across Europe.

AG SHUTTLE Toolkit Jena

During Phase 1, the SHUTTLE Toolkit Jena consortium, consisting of aura optik gmbh and OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH both based in Jena, Germany and A.S. & Co. GmbH based in Munich, has developed a concept for the instrument based on the use of innovative large-field objectives with high optical resolution together with a very large camera sensor. This approach enables to scan efficiently the whole A4 tape in all required contrast and spectral modes within the required time period. Its advantage is that every trace is recorded and then analysed by the AI module; so the whole information contained in the tape is digitalised and processed. The concept comprises a mechanical solution for handling and scanning the tape, an optics module, AI for data processing, and a data handling solution including a database.

Now, in Phase 2, the concept is being realised and a prototype is being built up stepwise for testing and evaluation by aura optik and OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.


ClydeHSI are highly experienced in hyperspectral imaging and work closely with Forensic Science Northern Ireland (FSNI) on several projects.

In Phase 1 ClydeHSI undertook the research to demonstrate the feasibility of each mode of the microscope, their operational performances and tested them with tape lifts and traces evidences. New and robust data analysis models were developed for the hyperspectral data sets.  This was demonstrated with seeded tape lifts from FSNI that represented typical evidences.

Phase 2 of the SHUTTLE project is to bring the hyperspectral microscope to an operational level for demonstration at FSNI and ClydeHSI and then to demonstrate it to the SHUTTLE Buyers Group.  At the same time, the consortium will be advancing the data collection, analysis and database workflows as part of this demonstrator instrument. The goal is automation with “hands-off” data acquisition and unsupervised image analysis to visualise and then identify trace evidence.

* Contractor change due to the sale of Camlin Photonics Ltd modular spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging product lines.