Spectricon P.C.

Email address: info@spectricon.com
Field of activity: Spectricon develops innovative scientific instruments with emphasis in Imaging Science and Technology. The Company’s product portfolio includes advanced microscopes and spectral imagers and combinations of them.
Spectricon’s microscopes are based on a novel design offering improved flexibility and scalability. Their modular architecture offers several options for building up custom configurations. Our product portfolio in microscopy include bright-field, fluorescence, hyperspectral, robotic and cell shorting microscopes.
Our spectral cameras include both multispectral and staring-type hyperspectral models operating in the wide spectral range 370-1700nm and can address successfully numerus and diverse applications including remote sensing, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), quality control, forensics, biomedicine and microscopy.
Website: http://www.spectricon.com/
Contact person: Nathanail Kortsalioudakis


Email address: lina.khaouani@soream.com
Field of activity: We are an Engineering company working within innovation. Our expertise covers mechanical, electronic, IT and Industrial Design skills.
Our scope is to bring solutions building on complex requirements and to create, develop and industrialize innovative products from idea – concept/design studies -through prototype development till the final path – production – first limited set of products and more.
Our approach is about Agile and Iteration methods – through Design Thinking & Solutions – to ensure accurate technical specifications – required deliverables – and realize a fully integrated new product unavailable on the market by proposing different solutions.
Website: http://www.soream.com/en/
Contact person: LINA KHAOUANI


Email address: jocelyne.galy@insa-lyon.fr
Field of activity: The academic laboratory, IMP (Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères) offers its expertise and facilities in polymer synthesis and characterization to participate in a consortium to develop tape lifts for the Shuttle PCP project.
The laboratory is located in Lyon-Villeurbanne and St Etienne, in France. It has an association contract with CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). We are more than 200 people, including permanent staff, PhDs and Post-docs. IMP activities are directed towards research and training. The laboratory develops activities from basic research to applicative goals: from synthesis of new macromolecular architecture and formulations of polymers, to the processing and elaboration of complex materials and establishment of structure-property relationships.


Website: http://www.imp.cnrs.fr/
Contact person:

Jocelyne GALY


Photon Etc.

Email address: vcardin@photonetc.com
Field of activity:

Photon etc. is specialized in the design, production and commercialization of hyperspectral microscopes and wide-field imagers. With our global imaging technology, any user can quickly and conveniently acquire images with full spatial and spectral resolution. In our devices, each and every pixel of a high definition image contains the full spectral information of what it sees, with a spectral sensitivity extending in the SWIR spectral range, i.e. up to 1700nm. This spectral information is a powerful tool to identify the nature of the materials in an image, without the need for complex image recognition algorithms.

We have a strong expertise in hardware development, but we could benefit from a partnership with software companies with experience in automation, IT and image or data processing.

We are a Canadian SME based in Montreal. Communications can be in English or French.

Website: http://www.photonetc.com/
Contact person:

Vincent Cardin


Resonon Inc.

Email address: inquiry@resonon.com
Field of activity:

Resonon is extending its hyperspectral imaging systems to microscopy. Our production VIS-NIR linescan hyperspectral imagers (https://resonon.com/hyperspectral-cameras) have been paired with an XYZ microscope stage to scan samples from slides to well plates with broadband or laser-line fluorescence illumination. We also have many years of experience in hyperspectral image analysis and object classification with our desktop software product Spectronon (https://resonon.com/software) and industrial machine vision applications (https://resonon.com/machine-vision).

Resonon is based in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Website: https://resonon.com
Contact person:

Mark Campanelli


Sioux Technologies

Email address: info@sioux.eu
Field of activity:

Sioux Technologies has all of the necessary expertise to make your product or production system into a success. Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences like software, mechanics, optics, physics, mechatronics, electronics, mathware and final assembly & testing.

In this particular case we could assist in software development (microscope control software, databases, cloud and user application (desktop, mobile, web)), image processing and pattern recognition through algorithm development or machine learning.

Relevant examples can be found at http://www.sioux.eu/en/markets/analytical/ and https://www.sioux.eu/en/cases/

Website: https://www.sioux.eu/en/markets/analytical/
Contact person:

Danny Thönissen