Second SHUTTLE Public Workshop

The Second SHUTTLE Public Workshop was organised as part of the online “Improving Forensic Trace Recoveryworkshop which took place on 1-5 February 2021. This event, hosted by the Lorentz Centre and sponsored by SHUTTLE as part of the organisation committee, was attended by forensic investigators from different forensic disciplines and countries as well as experts in relevant fields to provide the background for the optimal procedure. All participants aim for a more homogenous, scientifically sound & efficient methodology of forensic trace recovery.

An additional aim of the workshop session dedicated to new technologies was to create awareness among forensic laboratories of the SHUTTLE machine + toolkit prototypes under development by the SHUTTLE contractors and to build the SHUTTLE network and community of interested stakeholders and potential users. In total, 67 persons registered and attended and were able to learn about SHUTTLE.

Over three afternoons (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), the event included pre-recorded lectures, including one from SHUTTLE prepared by Jaap van der Weerd (Netherlands Forensic Institute), live presentations and lectures as well as working sessions.

In particular, on Tuesday 2nd February, a dedicated SHUTTLE session took place with four presentations:
• Gregory Briche (IRCGN) and Nadine Merat (Police Scientifique) delivered a session on “The SHUTTLE Machine+Toolkit: Common Challenge”.
• The SHUTTLE contractors, the TRACES consortium, the AG SHUTTLE Toolkit Jena consortium and Clyde HSI, then presented their technological solutions. Workshop participants asked many questions and expressed an interest in following up their developments.

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