This SHUTTLE Call  for Tenders invites all interested parties to present their offers to develop a cost-effective, open machine integrating a rich toolkit for automated trace evidence analysis to provide scientific evidence in a high-throughput manner.

The Deadline to submit a proposal is the 2Oth of November 2019, 12:00 pm EET.

The Tender Pack contains all Tender documents needed for preparing and submitting your tender


If you have any problem with the downloading, please, contact us.

Continuous Q&A will be published during the tendering period at



Tender pack

  1. Contract Notice (pdf)
  2. Tender Document 1 (TD1): Call for Tenders (pdf)
  3. Tender Document 2 (TD 2): Use cases and Specifications (pdf)
  4. Tender Document 3 (TD 3): Background IPRs (pdf)
  5. Tender Document 4 (TD 4): Tender Forms (pdf, docx)
  6. Tender Document 5 (TD 5): Technical Offer (pdf, docx)
  7. Tender Document 6 (TD 6): Financial Offer and Cost Breakdown (pdf, xlsx)
  8. Tender Document 7 (TD 7): Framework Agreement (pdf)
  9. Tender Document 8 (TD 8): PCP Specific contract for Phase 1 (pdf)
  10. Tender Document 9 (TD 9): End of phase report (pdf)
  11. Tender Document 10 (TD 10): Contractor details & project (pdf)

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