Note: The PCP call for tenders has ended. Tenderers will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation process on the 16 January 2020.

This SHUTTLE Call  for Tenders invites all interested parties to present their offers to develop a cost-effective, open machine integrating a rich toolkit for automated trace evidence analysis to provide scientific evidence in a high-throughput manner.

The Deadline to submit a proposal is the 2Oth of November 2019, 12:00 pm EET.

The Tender Pack contains all Tender documents needed for preparing and submitting your tender.

If you have any problem, please, contact us.


Tender pack

  1. Contract Notice
  2. Tender Document 1 (TD1): Call for Tenders
  3. Tender Document 2 (TD 2): Use cases and Specifications
  4. Tender Document 3 (TD 3): Background IPRs
  5. Tender Document 4 (TD 4): Tender Forms
  6. Tender Document 5 (TD 5): Technical Offer
  7. Tender Document 6 (TD 6): Financial Offer and Cost Breakdown
  8. Tender Document 7 (TD 7): Framework Agreement
  9. Tender Document 8 (TD 8): PCP Specific contract for Phase 1
  10. Tender Document 9 (TD 9): End of phase report
  11. Tender Document 10 (TD 10): Contractor details & project

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