Ministry of Public Security

The Israel National Police (INP) is under the Ministry of Public Security (MOPS), comprised of some 30,000 sworn officers reinforced by 50,000 volunteers. It is solely responsible for policing and law enforcement in Israel. The responsibilities of INP cover all aspects from the local through the national levels. The Israel National Police is guided by the values and principles of the democratic government of the State of Israel.

The main areas on which the Israel Police focuses are:

  • Public Security – The prevention and thwarting of terror, response to calls from citizens, arrangement of security procedures and organisation of volunteers (Civil Guard).
  • Maintaining Law and Order – Response to calls regarding public disturbances, effective response to demonstrations and unlawful gatherings, licensing – establishment of limits and conditions for businesses, responsibility for detainees and implementation of court orders.
  • Fighting Crime – Investigation of crimes and apprehension of offenders, detection and exposure of unreported crimes such as drug trafficking, extortion and instructing the public how to protect themselves and their property.
  • Traffic Enforcement – Directing traffic and working to ensure smooth traffic flow, enforcement of traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents and apprehension of traffic offenders. In addition, instructing the public on traffic safety and participation in the decision-making process in such matters as the planning and construction of roads, placement of road signs and traffic lights.
  • Border Security – The Border Police serves as the operational arm of the Israel National Police. The multi-purpose force deals with challenges relating to public security, terror, severe crime, rioting, guarding sensitive sites and securing rural areas.

Division of Identification and Forensic Science (DIFS)

The Israel National Police Division of Identification and Forensic Science (DIFS) is part of the investigations and Intelligence branch and is situated in the Israeli police national headquarters in Jerusalem. Dedicated laboratories and units, specializing in the wide variety of scientific and technological fields, provide services to diverse police units in the national effort of fighting crime. These services include scientific analysis and evidence, technical support, training and expert witness testimony in our courts of low.

Other functions within the division include Safety and Quality Assurance, logistics and on-going research and development. The Division has the globally recognised ISO 17025 accreditation.

Research and Development Division (R&D division)

The R&D Division in the Israel National Police (INP) introduces new and updated technological means for improving the operational ability of the INP to fulfil its duties according to the law. The activity of the R&D Division varies from pure research and development to implementation of changes to existing means. The R&D Division is part of the Technologies Administration (TA) lead by a Brigadier General and besides its main purpose described above, it also coordinates the technological cooperation of the INP on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner.

Role in the project

MOPS-INP will contribute its experience as a forensic expert, technological leader, and a highly experienced end user in various Horizon 2020 and FP-7 projects:

  • Defining its functional specification, standards, and training procedures relevant to the project.
  • Specify the potential forensic technologies according to INP experience and operational needs.
  • Perform trials and evaluate the delivered toolkit and software, according to the project plan.
  • Professional relevant assistance to the process of establishing the professional community.