STICHTING HOGESCHOOL VAN AMSTERDAMAbout Hogeschool van Amsterdam / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), we educate tomorrow’s professionals in a wide array of fields and disciplines of higher education. With our distinct focus on applied sciences, the AUAS enables students, lectures and researchers to develop cutting edge – and practical – knowledge and innovations.


About the Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA) is one of the leading schools of its kind in The Netherlands.

Why? Partly because we have reorganised the Faculty from being one that looks from the inside out, to one that looks from the outside in. This means we look at what is happening within the industry, and ask ourselves what is important in the working field, and what types of programmes should be taught to satisfy these requirements.

The Faculty of Technology has excellent working relations with the local business community and government institutions, enabling us to make our educational programmes practice-oriented and business relevant, ensuring our students gain valuable experience in their future professional fields through internships and work placements. As a result, we continually develop new courses and we see a positive response through the ever-increasing numbers of students.