Ministério da Justiça – Polícia Judiciária

Polícia Judiciária (PJ) is the Portuguese higher criminal police body, hierarchically organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice.

PJ’s mission consists of assisting the judicial and prosecuting authorities with investigations, by developing and promoting preventive, detection and investigative actions.

Laboratório de Polícia Cientifica (LPC) – Forensic Science Laboratory is one of the Polícia Judiciária support units, with the following tasks:

  • Search, collect, and process traces records and perform skills in the various fields of forensic science, including ballistics, biology, documents, handwriting, physical, fingerprint, chemistry and toxicology;
  • Implement new types of expertise and develop the existing ones;
  • Disseminate scientific and technical information that is appropriate before new crime scenarios;
  • Providing technical and scientific advice in the field of their expertise in forensic sciences;
  • Implement a management system for quality and for administrative and technical activities;
  • Ensuring technical and scientific participation of PJ, on forensic sciences, in the different national, community and international instances.