SHUTTLE partners are involved in the Improving Forensic Trace Recovery” online workshop taking place on  the 1st, 2nd and 5th February 2021.

Current methodology in forensic trace recovery is heterogeneous and information exchange on procedures used in different laboratories is limited. This scattered situation hinders further developments in this field, e.g. by introduction of new technology, and the assimilation of modern scientific insights. This workshop intends to pave the way for a scientifically sound, generic, homogeneous, and efficient methodology of forensic trace recovery. This aim addresses the Common Challenge identified in SHUTTLE: the need to introduce this machine and toolkit in a unified way, so that cross-border and cross-laboratory collaboration will be improved and methodology and Quality Assurance accreditation in different laboratories will be homogenized.

Participants will include forensic investigators from different forensic disciplines and countries as well as experts in fields that are considered relevant to provide the background for the optimal procedure. These topics, e.g. perception and knowledge bias, quality accreditation, and new developments, will form the environment in which the participants will reflect on future procedures.

Together, participants will explore the environment and work towards drafting a new procedure that complies with current scientific insights and makes use of modern technology. In addition, obstacles that may hinder implementation will be identified as well as measures to mitigate them. Finally, participants will explore the possibilities and vistas that are opened by this workshop, such as improved collaboration and joint research projects.

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